Requirements for Kitchen Use


Before reserving kitchen time with theKitchen24, as well as any use of our facility, clients must:



 - Complete and submit our Application form, along with a $250 security fee, $50 of it is a non-refundable

   administrative fee.


 - Execute latest Kitchen24 Rental Agreement along with our Policies & Procedures pamphlet. All policies,

   practices, and expectations outlined in both documents are definitive and binding.


 - Provide a copy of a valid State of Florida Food Manager certification, a copy of which must be on-file in the

   theKitchen24 facility at all times.


 - All clients must have at least one person that has a Food Managers certification in the kitchen during any

   rented time block.


 - Provide proof of liability insurance, listing theKitchen24, as additional insured, and maintain such policy for

   the duration of any kitchen use.


 - Provide a credit card to have on file, as well as authorization for theKitchen24 to charge the credit card.


 - Complete Emergency Contact card.



the Kitchen 24 is a Shared Rental Commercial Kitchen in Tampa, Florida

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